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| September 20, 2008

bridge_ceremony11.jpgCeremonies mark special Girl Scout events throughout the year. They can celebrate major transitions, such as bridging to another level or getting your Girl Scout pin, commemorate your accomplishment when you earn awards, or simply make the beginning or end of your group’s meeting special. We would like to congratulate the young girls in Mahopac, New York Troop #2655 for such an accomplishment.  Every Girl Scout in the Troop participated in a special ceremony that enabled the girls to create their own special memories to remember their year as a Daisy Girl Scout. This ceremony bridges them to their next level in the Girl Scout Heart of the Hudson Council as a Brownie.

Troop 2655 just celebrated their bridging ceremony to mark a milestone in the lives of a Girl Scout.  It is symbolic of the changing of rank from one level to another. The levels in Girl Scouts are Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors.  Advancing from Brownie Girl Scouts to Junior Girl Scouts is called “Flying Up”.  For all other age levels (Daisy, Junior, Cadette and Senior), it is called Bridging.

bridge_ceremony.jpgThe ceremony began from their weekly meeting cabin at the Girl Scout Rockhill Campground.  Their leaders (Mrs. Ginger Conlin, Mrs. Elaine Baranowski and Mrs. Sue Bauer) escorted the girls to a clearing in the woods surrounded with family and friends and Brownie Troop #1117.  In the clearing is a bridge and “pond” which was actually a mirror surrounded by greenery, artificial flowers and animal seen in the woods and ponds.   The girls wore their Daisy uniform and a wreath of Daisies in which they made at a prior meeting. 

bridge_ceremony9.jpgThe story is about a little girl trying to learn how jobs were finished- as if by magic.  As the story goes, a wise old owl told her she could find out who the Brownie was by going to a magic pool and looking in the water.  What does she see?  She sees that she is the Brownie.

Troop 2655 was the asked to: Cross your little fingers, stand upon your toes, That’s a bit of magic, every Brownie knows. Now we all are standing in a forest glade, Listen very carefully, see what the magic has made. The new Brownies pretend to knock on a door.

The leader with the troop asks: “Who comes to the Brownie woods?”
Brownies-to-be answer: “We do”

Leader: “What do you want?”

Brownies-to-be: “We want to be Brownie Girl Scouts”

bridge_ceremony3.jpgWith the co-leaders assistance, the girls were assisted over the bridge alphabetically:
Alexandra Baranowski, Sophia Bauer, Megan Citarella, Olivia Conlin, Miranda Cristofaro, Isabella Eppolito, Brianna Golia, Mackenzie Gordon, Mary McDermott, Samantha Meir, Alexandra Moros and Mackenzie Ryan.

With the assistance of the older Brownie Troop #1117, the girl bridging receives a Brownie vest to wear and the experienced Brownie places the Brownie Pin on the girl who bridged removing each girls pin from a wooden box the Girl Scout made at a prior meeting. The pin was placed on her uniform upside down. The bridge_ceremony12.jpgGirl Scout handshake was performed with the leader and she is welcomed to Brownie Girl Scouting by all the spectators: Family, friends, and fellow Girl Scout members. The girls were told the Girl Scout Slogan is “Do a Good Turn Daisy”.  Go now and do three good turns for your family- one for each part of the Girl Scout Promise.  When your good turns are done, have a member of your family turn your pin right side up. This was done for each girl individually.

The girls lined up opposite the older Brownie troop and received a container filled with a heart patch stating “Sister Troop”.  The girls receive a bag filled with bridge_ceremony8.jpgmemories from their year in Daisy’s from their leaders: a Bridging certificate,  a notebook “My Book About Me” filled with pages colored by the scout every week about themselves, a painted frame done by the scout with a photo taken in front of tents during one of a meetings hikes, and a Girl Scout tin filled with Brownie vest insignia : American Flag, Troop Numbers, Brownies Can Do Anything Patch, a Membership Star pin with a blue disc and bridging rainbow patch.

The ceremony ended with Girl Scout Songs and light refreshments for all.

Story written and submitted by Mrs. Elaine Baranowski.

Photographs by Mr. Nick Scafidi, Grandfather of Miranda Cristofaro.

Congratulations to Troop# 2655-One of the Newest Brownie Troops in Mahopac!

For any girl or adult interested in Girl Scouts, please visit the Girl Scout website @ www.girlscoutshh.org
or contact:
Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson
Central Administrative Office
2 Great Oak Lane
Pleasantville, NY 10570

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